Ravenna is a new way to think about shaving, offering affordable quality razors sent directly to your door using a seasonal subscription plan. My partners and I asked women about their shaving experiences and opinions about how razors are marketed toward women, and found that there was a lot left to be desired from existing companies. We chose to give Ravenna a more direct, approachable tone; having an honest conversation with women rather than encouraging them to be goddesses or making them feel ashamed about their body hair.

Timeframe: 6 weeks

Collaborators: Ryan Hobbs, Cole Williams

My Roles: Research, UX/UI, Copywriting, Illustration, Packaging Design, Layout

Skills/Tools: Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop

Ravenna Ravenna


We wanted to create a respectful and honest brand that women wanted to interact with. Our research showed that while most women shave for personal preference reasons, they are also influenced by societal pressures, and have strong negative feelings toward how shaving products are marketed toward them.

Instead of the usual marketing methods, we wanted to convey that shaving (or not shaving) is a personal choice and our brand was only here to provide quality products and progressive attitudes of support for whatever types of personal grooming women wanted to engage in. We brought these attitudes to a variety of outcomes, including branding, packaging, digital, print, and video marketing.

Ravenna Ravenna Ravenna Ravenna Ravenna Ravenna

Using our research to drive our design decisions, we wrote a survey that could give us information about women's opinions and behaviors regarding shaving, and the current products and marketing directed toward them. From the responses we found that women considered current marketing to be sexist, relying too heavily on shaming women into shaving. Most women didn't see a need for shaving products to be gendered, and were aware that pink tax (markup on products geared specifically toward women) meant they were paying significantly more for razors than men.

We also were able to draw the conclusion that a large majority (85.6% of our survey respondents) were using a seasonal shaving cycle that resulted in a need for more razor replacement cartridges in the summer months, and fewer during the winter. Using these two key USPs (seasonal subscription and genuine appreciation of women without shaming them to shave), we created a brand that was bold, colorful, cutting edge, and relatable. In user testing, women responded positively to the frank and friendly tone of our copywriting, and the vibrant colors, patterns, and gradients used in our marketing and packaging.

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